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Business Attorney

When a business or an individual is in a dispute involving money or assets, a Commercial Litigator is the best attorney to work with. When contracts are breached, mergers and acquisitions go awry, business transactions fall apart, or other disputes occur in the business world, you need an experienced Commercial Litigator to aggressively prosecute or defend your case.

Are you starting or acquiring a new or established business? Do you need documentation drafted to protect you against unforeseen risks? Perhaps you are changing your corporate structure to bring in a new principal, obtain additional financing or merging with a competitor. All of these situations require an experienced Business Attorney to draft the proper documentation to effectuate your commercial goals while limiting your exposure to unreasonable risks and future litigation.

Every case is different, an experienced Business Attorney/ Commercial Litigator will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your business, and the facts involved in your case, in order to formulate a winning strategy, or to create a structure or agreement that will provide protection today, and in the future, against claims and disputes.



Why hire Edward M. Shahady, PA for Commercial Litigation

Attorney Edward M. Shahady has handled business disputes for over 20 years. As a Commercial Litigator, he has tried numerous cases, with verdicts in excess of one million dollars. He has helped individuals and businesses create the proper business structure to achieve commercial success while protecting personal assets. He also has extensive experience with acquisitions, tangible and intangible property, mergers, and shareholder and stock purchase agreements.

Mr. Shahady has owned and operated many businesses related to his areas of practice, such as Mortgage Bank, a Land Development Company, a Credit Card Processing Company and numerous Insurance Agencies. His real-world business experience provides valuable insight for commercial litigation strategies and effectively drafted corporate documentation.