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Edward M. Shahady is a seasoned attorney with vast experience in real estate, business law foreclosure and bankruptcy. He has litigated hundreds of cases involving business disputes, real estate disputes, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. He has performed thousands of real estate closings and assisted hundreds of businesses with acquisitions, organizational documentation and dispute resolution.

Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Disputes can be especially complicated and troublesome. Edward M. Shahady has litigated hundreds of real estate disputes in his 30 years as an attorney.  He has also performed thousands of real estate closings during that time.

Whether it’s a breach of contract, an escrow dispute, a boundary dispute, a financing issue or a title problem, Mr. Shahady can assist you with resolving it.  He has owned and operated title insurance companies, a mortgage company and a land development company. He will use the valuable knowledge and experience that he gained from owning and operating such companies to work for you in resolving your real estate issue.

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Business Attorney

When a business or an individual is in a dispute involving money or assets, a Commercial Litigator is the best attorney to work with. When contracts are breached, mergers and acquisitions go awry, business transactions fall apart, or other disputes occur in the business world, you need an experienced Commercial Litigator to aggressively prosecute or defend your case.

Are you starting or acquiring a new or established business? Do you need documentation drafted to protect you against unforeseen risks? Perhaps you are changing your corporate structure to bring in a new principal, obtain additional financing or merging with a competitor. All of these situations require an experienced Business Attorney to draft the proper documentation to effectuate your commercial goals while limiting your exposure to unreasonable risks and future litigation.

Every case is different, an experienced Business Attorney/ Commercial Litigator will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your business, and the facts involved in your case, in order to formulate a winning strategy, or to create a structure or agreement that will provide protection today, and in the future, against claims and disputes.

Foreclosure Attorney

For nearly 4 years, from 2007 to 2011, Edward M. Shahady represented only plaintiffs in foreclosure cases in south Florida.  During that time, he represented nearly every major bank, mortgage company and loan servicer in south Florida in litigating their foreclosure cases. 

Mr. Shahady now concentrates on defending homeowners in foreclosure cases and he routinely applies the unique knowledge and experience that he obtained in prosecuting foreclosure cases in his defense of distressed homeowners.

If you face Foreclosure, your situation is not hopeless. Mr. Shahady can help you stay in your home by zealously litigating your case and providing valuable time to effectuate an exit strategy, such as a loan modification, short sale, mortgage refinance or Bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is a legal way for businesses and individuals who are unable to pay their bills to reconcile their debts and start fresh. Most people with severe debt problems are eligible for Bankruptcy. However, it is important to speak to an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, such as Edward M. Shahady,  to determine if Bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

There are different types of Bankruptcy cases, so it is important to meet with an attorney to discuss your options in detail so that you can specifically tailor your Bankruptcy to remedy your particular situation Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is intended to completely relieve an individual of most ordinary debt, including credit cards and other unsecured debts. Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 are reorganization plans in which debts are discharged or restructured in order to be paid off in a more manageable way, while providing protection to the debtor and their property from creditors.

Mr. Shahady has filed hundreds of bankruptcies for individuals and businesses in South Florida. Contact him today to determine if Bankruptcy is the right choice for you or your business.

Why hire Shahady Law Firm, PA for Bankruptcy

Mr. Shahady has been an attorney for over 30 years. He has litigated numerous jury and bench trials, with verdicts totaling millions of dollars. He has represented thousands of businesses and individuals in their Business Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Foreclosures and Bankruptcy.

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